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For any and all information on cutlery, spoons and forks, refer to the Posate Venosta website or contact 3V Venosta directly at the following contacts.

General information

3V Venosta Address 3V by Venosta Armanno and F.lli Snc


3V Venosta Phone Tel. +39 030 872698 Fax. +39 030871723 Email.

3V Venosta

3V of Venosta Armanno & Sons has been making cutlery, spoons and forks for over thirty years in Lumezzane (Brescia), offering all of the quality and guarantees of "MADE IN ITALY." The experience accumulated by 3V Venosta over the years with the crafting and manufacturing of spoons and forks has benefited from the skills of the Lumezzane district. This district is known to be a global leader in the working of steel.

3V Venosta produces high quality spoons and forks while guaranteeing speed and convenience at the same time, meeting the needs of each and every Client.

In addition to the product lines already presented in the catalogue, 3V Venosta's flexible production system can make spoons, forks and cutlery based on the Client's drawings and indications and provide every element of customization to make the final product unique.

3V Venosta supplies the most important Italian and foreign companies in the sector of coffee shops, hotel supplies and restaurants. Venosta cutlery is particularly requested by foodstuffs groups, cafeteria services, bars, pubs, hotels and self-service restaurants.

The design of Venosta cutlery makes its spoons and forks one-of-a-kind all around the world.