Customized flatware

3V Venosta offers a customization service for its forks and spoons. 3V Venosta can add the brand name or any other logo desired by the Client to its spoons and forks, customizing them to make them unique.
This is an excellent option for restaurant chains looking for a way to stand out, or for franchises of bars or coffeehouses whose logos are one of their strong points.

Customization through the direct engraving of the name and the brand on spoons and forks can be used as a marketing technique for those seeking to expand their business. The customization of forks and spoons is also perfect for promotion purposes and advertising campaigns, for coffee companies and chains of restaurants or bars, who can use this gadget to foster client loyalty.

In addition to customization by labeling the forks and spoons with the client's name, 3V Venosta also offers a series of services for customizing the cutlery to meet the client's needs.
3V Venosta, as a matter of fact, offers a design service with its own design studio and with materials selected to suit the needs of the clientele. 3V Venosta can create any project of yours starting with the specifications and your own technical drawings.